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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Gianni Riotta

Gianni Riotta



Gianni Riotta, journalist and writer, currently teaching in the French and Italian Department at Princeton University, is a former Mentor at Columbia and has taught and collaborated with numerous universities around the world. As a journalist he writes for La Stampa and Foreign Policy, but was editor of TG1 Rai and Il Sole 24 ore, Deputy Editor of La Stampa and Corriere della Sera, and has served as a correspondent and columnist for both the Corriere della Sera and L’Espresso from the U.S. and to this day collaborates with BBC World Service

His books have been translated into various languages and have received numerous awards. Magazines Foreign Policy and Prospect included him in their ranking of “100 Global Thinkers.” He is a philosophy graduate from the University of Palermo, with an MS from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and was awarded an Honoris Causa Degree in Archivistica dell'Archivio di Stato, for his work protecting the Italian cultural heritage. 

He lives between Rome and New York.


Topic #9

18 April

We have met the web and he is us

by Gianni Riotta

Your parents call you digital natives, don't they? I guess with a touch of green envy. Well, sorry to disappoint you guys you are not, nobody is. Because if the computer and the web are relatively new gadgets, social media is not, it is much older than you, much older even than me.
 More >

Topic #6

31 March

The Political Wheel of Fortune

by Gianni Riotta

In 1993 the director Nanni Moretti launched his episode film “Dear Diary”, which soon become an icon and a symbol of those years. “Dear Diary”, which won the award for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival, captures the essence of the progressive intellectual philosophy... More >

Topic #5

21 March

Days of Hate

by Gianni Riotta

How can one explain to young people today, to those who were born after 1990, when the Berlin Wall had already come down, the Cold War was over and the ideologies of the twentieth century gone, that for years Italy was bloodied by terrorism? For them, for these young twenty-first-century people, I... More >

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Topic #11

Life Is Beautiful
by Roberto Benigni

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